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I grew up living a simple life in the mountains raised by a traditional Catholic family. I developed a strong inclination to live with nature and appreciate what the land gives to society.

Since 2007 I have travelled extensively in 13 countries: Spain, Morocco, France, Holland, Italy, Germany, England, Belgium, India, Australia, New Zealand and USA. I lived and worked for a number of years in England and Spain, Hungary,Austria

I visited India to learn more about spirituality and Yoga. Whilst in India I met Vijayan Varghese from whom I acquired an admiration for Ayuverdic medicine.
Recently I have been living in Casa Vinyasa in Lisboa under the guidance of my guru Isa Guitana Wong where I practice Ashtanga yoga. I have been practicing Ashtanga for the last two years. Whilst at Casa Vinyasa I was assisting in house keeping and providing advice to clients. I also took clients for walking tours and taxi tours of the vicinity. I was given the opportunity to create a relation between yoga and a vegetarian cuisine.
I can do massages taught to me by a Maori lady in New Zealand and Ayurveda teacher. I can also give a basic class of Asthanga yoga where I try to combine yoga as a philosophical system based in India and the philosophical posture of the occident with the Greek philosophy as the main pillar, mainly the pre Socratic philosophers. I do often refer to Albert Camus and Heideger and Jose Domingues philosophies as well.
As part of my spiritual journey I walked the Camino de Santiago (St James way) in the northwest of Spain. I took this path from Saint James Pierre to the port to Santiago for my spiritual growth.
With many years experience in the work force I have attained a large number of work related and life skills,i have crossed to many different work positions and as systems. As such, I believe I am a multi skilled person who can adapt to many varied situations and work roles. I consider myself to be a highly motivated person. I am comfortable and confident working either independently or in a team environment. I have always worked hard to meet deadlines and can work under pressure when required. I pride myself on strong organizationals skills in any working environment.

AT 16 years old i went to the seminar where i had a classic education..

I studied Theology,Philosophy sociology , i have worked in more that 13 countries in the world, from working with Juvenil Delinquency to Mental house,Buttler, Sales, Bartender, cleaner, Chef, Babysitter, Massage, yoga instructor, Project manager developing religious tours and Photographic tours, Farmer, Accessor, and Tour Guide in country such as Portugal, France, Marrocos and Spain.

I also have contacts with tour operator from Portugal and France in case if you want to organize groups to visit Europe.

I have also contacts with some monasteries in Portugal, Spain and France and i can give guidance if you wish to travel to some of those countries and even stay in some Monasteries.

If you wish to go to India to practice Yoga and learn ayuverdic Medicine , i am also able to arrange that.

I have contacts from all over the Globe


Spoken languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish


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